Release Program Manager

Fecha de publicación: 17 Junio 2024

The Program Manager is responsible for the release launch process. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of the release management process, as well as experience working with cross-functional teams.

On Site (CDMX)
  • Push releases: - Push the release builds to pre-production and production channels, while also following and running various pre-push and post-push processes.
  • Monitor build breakages: - Monitor builds and communicate with Engineering teams, in-case there’s any build issues and/or release blockers
  • Manage release testing: - Collaborate with testing teams to coordinate testing requirements and release blocker bugs verifications.
  • Select builds for promotion: - Create branch cuts for release (i.e. selecting release candidates)
  • Chase release blockers & fixes: - Collaborate with Engineering teams to include any necessary code changes (cherrypicks) into releases and get release blockers resolved.
  • Manage release schedule:  - Manage and update the project schedule and timelines
  • Provide release status: - Communicate with stakeholders to keep them informed of the project status and release launches.
  • Document release processes:  - Update and maintain release documentation
  • Prep release artifacts: -   Create the required artifacts for each release to ensure Messages stays in compliance with the Play Store.
  • 100% nómina
  • Vales de despensa
  • Fondo de Ahorro
  • Aguinaldo de 15 días
  • 15 días de vacaciones
  • Prima Vacacional dl 25%
  • 5 días flotantes
  • Seguro de Gastos Médicos Mayores y Menores
  • Seguro de Vida
  • PTU
  • Capacitación
  • Bono Anual de Desempeño