ServiceNow Developer

Fecha de publicación: 15 Abril 2020


Experience : 8+ years (M Level);– 5 years of ServiceNow relevant experience

Job Description : 

• Service now Implementation Specialist & Admin

• Core module (Normal Incident, MIM, Problem, Knowledge, Change, ESS, CMS(optional) )

• Good Communication and presentation skills, Client handling.

• CMDB Implementation, Support and Data Normalization 

• Java Scripting knowledge and hands on experience on it.

• Hands-on with ITIL Process implementation.

• Service-now for custom Application Design & Development.

• Hands-on technical delivery including required documentation of cost-effective Service-now solutions, Ability to create and Modify Workflows.

• Hands-on design, development and deployment experience with the Service-now platform.

• Hands-on migrating data from different tools into ServiceNow.

• Good at creating required information for Reporting and Dashboards

• Knowledge of ITIL methodologies and processes.

Technical Expertise : 

•         Creation of script based Assignment and Approval rule.

•         Creation of Business Rule, UI Action by using Glide script.

•         Creation of Glide Record object and use of several other important objects as these objects are     created for you when your script is called.

•         Creation of custom related list.

•         Creation of Access Control List with the help of Scripting.

•         Creation of Script based UI Policy and Client Script.

•         Glide Ajax, Glide Form (g_form), Glide User (g_user), Glide Record, Glide System, Glide Element, Glide Aggregate 

•         Querying the table by using Glide Record

•         Referencing Glide List

•         Debugging script 

•         Creating and customizing UI and pages using Jelly

•         Working with complex Log Files.

•         Render forms, lists, UI Pages, and many other things in with the help of Jelly

•         Designing of Macros and Formatters.

•         User Administration

•         CMDB Update, Troubleshooting, CI Relationship, CI Attribute update

•         Web Service Integration

•         User Interface Level Integration

•         MID Server Integration

•         Use of Import Sets for data loading from external file or database to the

Knowledge of ITIL V3 processes


Minneapolis, MN